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Editorials : Our Opinion: When a newspaper becomes the news

October 19, 2016 5:28 AM

We were recently credited on a national news network with being the only daily newspaper in the United States to endorse Donald Trump for president, and while we have no fear of going it alone, the St. Joseph News-Press-Gazette (operated by the same company that owns KEYT) is now the second daily paper to endorse Mr. Trump.

We have been asked why we endorsed Donald Trump. The reasons are many.

Donald Trump

On a local level, we have seen the consequences of lawless immigration. We have reported how ignoring federal law jeopardizes our constitutional rights and, in some cases, takes lives.

Nationally, our country is in decline. The Obama administration has failed miserably to help the inner cities where blacks, Latinos and others have little hope for the future.

The economy has been limping along only because of the "free money" that the Treasury's printing presses, which run day and night, turn out. This reckless governance has resulted in a staggering $20 trillion debt, the largest debt in the history of the world. Mr. Obama alone has increased the debt more than all other previous presidents combined.

Obamacare has been a disaster for America. We have seen firsthand where premiums have gone up 50 percent and coverage has been reduced by 50 percent. Mr. Trump's proposed repeal of Obamacare and a return to truly free market health insurance is the right solution.

Globally, America is no longer looked upon as a country of strength. Starting with the Obama "apology tour" and continuing with the mindless handling of the Middle East in Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria and beyond, he has diminished our standing in the world.

President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton helped give birth to ISIS. Our foreign policy is a failed one. Our allies have lost confidence in us; our adversaries have seen our weakness as opportunities to move their dangerous agendas forward. North Korea's nuclear testing, Russia's military expansion into the Ukraine and, most recently, Houthis attacking our warships with missiles off the coast of Yemen are just the beginning.

Mrs. Clinton has been in Washington for more than three decades with nothing positive to show for it. On the contrary, she has blood on her hands from the dead ambassador and consulate staff members in Benghazi. She has defied our laws by maintaining a private server for her e-mails, lied about them and then destroyed 33,000 of them after receiving a congressional subpoena. She continues to defend government-mandated health insurance.

There are many unanswered questions around Mrs. Clinton, and perhaps one of the most compelling is how the Clintons went from being "almost broke," in Mrs. Clinton's words, at the end of Bill Clinton's tenure as president, to a net worth in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Was this just from the former president's speaking engagements, which usually paid him $150,000 per speech? What about the Clinton Foundation's involvement with large overseas donors that gained access to American resources in what appears to be a pay-to-play scheme?

When Mrs. Clinton calls half the nation "deplorables" and tells Wall Street one story and the public another, it is clear she is untrustworthy to be in government in any manner or form.

Endorsements are not a popularity contest, and while it would be safe to endorse a locally popular candidate in an overwhelmingly Democratic-leaning county, the News-Press believes our role as the only daily newspaper in Santa Barbara County is to challenge those in power, regardless of party affiliation, who are taking the country from prosperity to dependency.

Our community is strong enough to handle differences of opinion offered by the News-Press and many others too intimidated or unwilling to engage in an open discussion out of fear of reprisal. A free media is the root of freedom and why our founding fathers restricted government's control of free speech in the First Amendment.

Mr. Trump has had a successful career in the business world, which is challenging even for the most skilled. He surrounds himself with quality people who are the best in their respective fields. He has seemingly boundless energy. Isn't that what America needs to move forward in a positive direction? Haven't we had enough of a failed administration? We think so and we believe that, given the opportunity, Mr. Trump has a fighting chance to make America great again.


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