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Couple find a way to support paper

August 3, 2006 7:57 AM

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New columnist barraged with letters

News-Press Under Siege: Many in Santa Barbara and its surrounds believe that the "protest" against the supposed loss of "press freedom" of News-Press editors and writers is really just a power play put on by local politicos, not to mention the Teamsters Union.

Peter and Dallas Clark, a Montecito couple with a nearly quarter-century history in Santa Barbara (they owned and operated Andria's Harborside for 10 years, and Peter, an accomplished musician, headed up the Santa Barbara Jazz Festival for a number of years) have announced their intention to help support the News-Press during its current crisis.

Noting the campaign to influence subscribers to cancel, the Clarks got a second subscription. "We sit with each other mornings and read the paper," said Dallas, "now we each have our own! It is a tough task to take over a big enterprise like that. It is especially difficult when employees have other allegiances; old loyalties are difficult to deal with. I was unhappy to see some of the (prior) slant and bias in the paper. I thought they supported a lot of things that were popular. Now (with Wendy McCaw) they have the courage to do otherwise. And Travis Armstrong always has something important to say."

If you wish to show your support for the News-Press, buy and gift a subscription to a friend -- or someone you believe would be enlightened by its new direction!


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