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Our Opinion: McCaw: A note to readers

July 13, 2006 10:14 AM

This past week there were some highly publicized changes at the News-Press. While we do not typically write about internal affairs, there has been so much misinformation given to other media by departing employees, we felt the need to set the record straight.

There are some disgruntled ex-employees who are making these matters public. Their media campaign manipulates facts to divert attention from the truth. They are attempting to make this situation appear something other than what it is.

When I purchased the News-Press, I had goals to improve the quality of the paper, to have accurate unbiased reporting, and more local stories that readers want to read. Our readers in Santa Barbara and elsewhere deserve nothing less. These goals clearly were not being met.

This requires journalists and editors to separate their personal feelings from their professional news judgment. Otherwise, the reader is ill served and journalistic integrity is lost.

When news articles became opinion pieces, reporting went unchecked and the paper was used as a personal arena to air petty infighting by the editors, these goals were not met.

Some of the people who lost sight of these goals and appeared to use the News-Press for their own agendas decided to leave when it was clear they no longer would be permitted to flavor the news with their personal opinions.

Some disgruntled employees and their allies (commercial and political) are now sniping at this paper and spreading agenda driven misinformation to other media.

My commitment to you is that this community will have a newspaper that is of the highest caliber with unbiased reporting and strong local focus.

In all challenging transitions one sees the good. We have seen new leadership emerge with a dedicated commitment to quality and higher standards.

We greatly appreciate that these fine individuals have stepped up to the plate. We also thank our loyal subscribers and advertisers.

We are encouraged by the new subscribers in direct response to these changes and the positive letters and phone calls we have received.

As Robert Browning said and what we firmly believe that "the best is yet to be" for the Santa Barbara News-Press.


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