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My goal in owning and operating the Santa Barbara News-Press is to make it the best regional newspaper in the nation.

In order to achieve this there is much work to be done and it is not an easy task.

While challenging, to do our job right covering local issues and regional governments, we must report without bias and we must be balanced in our coverage.

We must uphold the truth; it is essential to the integrity of the News-Press. That is our unalienable right under the First Amendment; it is also our moral duty.

05-18-2013:Newsroom employees withdraw union recognition
12-19-2012:News-Press wins major victory in labor fight : NLRB violated First Amendment rights; firings legal
03-28-2012:Wildlife Care Network moves to larger facility
01-01-2012:In defense of pit bulls
12-04-2011:Jewelry store's mascot spearheads animal fund
04-03-2011:Rock star : Santa Barbara Bowl turns 75
10-22-2010:News-Press fends off government's latest attack : NLRB denied a rehearing by the 9th Circuit
01-27-2010:Appeals court sides with News-Press : Majority: 1st Amendment rights in jeopardy if paper forced to reinstate workers
03-13-2009:Federal appeals court hears News-Press case
01-28-2009:News-Press boycott charges dismissed
12-30-2008:Ampersand seeks dismissal of arbitration
11-02-2008:Media companies throw legal muscle behind News-Press - Briefs filed with 9th Circuit court say First Amendment rights of publisher outweigh lower ruling to force rehiring
10-29-2008:City admits open meeting law violation : Lawsuit by News-Press owner sought to keep public's business in plain view of the public
10-29-2008:Travis Armstrong : City breaks open meeting law, then tries to spin it
09-19-2008:Panel finds former McCaw attorney violated ethics rule
07-04-2008:News-Press wins ruling against Independent : Summary judgment granted in copyright infringement
06-11-2008:City of Santa Barbara - Violating the Brown Act
06-11-2008:Wendy McCaw Second letter to Sam Tyler regarding his film, Citizen McCaw
06-06-2008:Teamsters union tries to censor these pages
05-29-2008:Judge denies newsroom workers' request for reinstatement : First Amendment rights of News-Press publisher upheld by federal judge
05-28-2008:Wendy McCaw 33 page ruling from Judge Wilson on the 10-J injunction
04-30-2008:Wendy McCaw Letter to Sam Tyler regarding Citizen McCaw. "Falsehoods and Distortions Portrayed In Citizen McCaw"
02-29-2008:Ampersand sues city, transportation panel : Company cites Brown Act, says Plaza redesign discussed without notice on agenda
10-16-2007:Our Opinion: Wrecking De la Guerra Plaza
10-14-2007:Our Opinion: Respect the Plaza's history
09-24-2007:Opinion: The star of hypocrisy?
06-09-2007:Two union charges against paper dropped
03-27-2007:More union strife ahead?
02-13-2007:Protecting this newspaper's free speech
01-25-2007:Labor charges against paper dismissed, withdrawn
12-17-2006:Union leaders make it 'us vs. them'
12-12-2006:Teamsters, ethics & big spending
12-12-2006:3 charges against News-Press withdrawn
11-20-2006:Can Teamsters obey the law?
11-14-2006:No place for union bias
11-09-2006:Union compromises journalism ethics
09-05-2006:Union tactics, bias aren't welcome here
08-03-2006:Couple find a way to support paper
07-25-2006:McCaw: Setting the Record Straight
07-13-2006:McCaw: A note to readers
07-07-2006:Travis Armstrong: A note to our readers

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